In Memoriam



At the Westerbrook Transit Camp


An Immersive Site-Specific Performance.

The Westerbork transit camp was a detention and transit camp in Hooghalen during the Second World War.  It served as a stop point on the way to Auschwitz.

The large memorial is made of small rectangular stones ( brick colour prisms)

Each stone represents a person who passed through the camp for deportation and never left it.

The space and the dance before you tries to renew the link with the collective memory by calling attention to the importance of the personal memories within.

By introducing the personal memory in it, this performance is trying to actively remind the group that events and collective memories are always about the collective of individuals and not the collective per si.



Choreographer:             Scarlett Perdereau

Designer:                                      Ana Maio



Pictures by anaMaio

IN MEMORIAM - Work in Progress

An Immersive Performance.


Exploring the personal and collective memories of individuals and their relationship with space.


Developed in collaboration with choreographer Scarlett Perdereau