Citizen Puppet

Citizen Puppet

(Work in Progress)

by Blind Summit


At the New Diorama Theatre



"Once upon a time in a far off imaginary place... a giant fell out of the sky.


'There were roofs down, windows blown in' says Puppet Granny Tina Henderson, puffing on a Malboro Light.

'It wasnae funny'.


It's a puppet docudrama that tells the true story of Jack and the Beanstalk.


We looked behind the scenes and uncovered a dark tale of gambling, greed, theft and murder."



Director:                                  Mark Down


Designer:                                    Ana Maio


Associate Artist:                      Ruth Paton


Head Puppet Maker:              Helen Foan


Puppet Makers:                     Nick Barnes

                                          Natasha Burns

                                                Mark Down

                                        Rachel Salenius


Lighting Designer:          Benjamin Jacobs


Sound Designer:                Daniel Balfour