Black Rider

Black Rider

by William S. Burroughs


At the Tramway House, Stratford


        An immersive experience based on the book 'Black Rider' by William S. Burroughs and the album of the same name by Tom Waits.


       In this Chapters you will explore Katchen’s inner world of dreams and nightmares before her wedding through music and movement in a space that is surprisingly  surreal, delicate and feminine.



Director:                                      The Company


Chapters designers:                           Ana Maio

                                                    Haen-eun Lee

                                              Milda Samsonaite


Lighting Designer:                            Sam Tozer





Katchen's Nightmare singing in her head

The door to Katchen's dream Landscape opens

Katchen trapped inside her dream/nightmare landscape

Katchen trapped inside her dream/nightmare landscape


Pictures by anaMaio and Nick Moran